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adam mcdonald


Location: Kingsland, TX
Zipcode: 78639
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/02/11 09:04:52PM @soaring-eagle:

06/29/11 01:40:35PM @rasdanuel:
Hi!! You Have Beautiful Dreads!!

Adam Overman
06/29/11 08:46:06AM @kena-brown:

wow your dreads are sooo beautiful!! how did you start them up? backcomb and crochet?

how big are your sections? I want your hair lol:)

Driana Millare
09/12/10 08:20:14PM @riverdrifter2:
Thanks! I like yours too....I like the bangs. I just cut out a few and added bangs last week. Hoping they'll kinda help hide things when all my hair falls out again after this pregnancy. (I got super bald receding hair line last time!) Did you have any issues with your hair after giving birth??

Connie Smith
09/08/10 01:15:57PM @andrew-shirley:
That is so awesome! This site alone is a great place for outreach.

Kenyon Moore
09/08/10 09:58:21AM @rayy-welch:
You would have to accept me as your friend first. =)

Connie Smith
09/07/10 11:48:38AM @andrew-shirley:
Lol naw I'm ok haha thank u so much.. Its just that I dnt have enough extra non dreaded hair at the top of my extensions like I should.. And the ends of my real hair aren't dreaded either so if I try to do the palm thing, not much happens.. I think I'll try backcombing the tips of my real hair n TRY unraveling a Lil more from the extension. Hope u had a great time campin! I'm happy to hear (well see cuz I read) ur saved. Love meeting others serving Christ! :)

Connie Smith
09/06/10 11:05:32PM @andrew-shirley:
Hey sry for bothering u but i got six extensions in rite now n I'm worried I'm soon it wrong.. They aren't very tight where they're connected n I think they're gna come out. But u said u did the extension hair on the outside of ur real dread n then crocheted.? That's the opposite of the video of the chick on youtube.? Well my real hair is very loose at the bottom but it's also very thin so if I try to put that on the outside of the extension n then crochet, its so thin, there's not really enough hair to crochet into the extension to get it thick and tight where they join.. Any advice???

Connie Smith
09/04/10 12:52:41AM @andrew-shirley:
I use to do the sea salt thing but I just stopped for some reason. I'll start bak up tho. Do u think I should start puttin the extensions in when i dnt have em all ready?

Connie Smith
09/03/10 08:31:46PM @andrew-shirley:
I use a .75 crochet hook. And im doin the crocheting all before I attach em. I've watched the chick on youtube. I'm gna try both ways.. (with my existing dreads hairs on the outside of my extension and the extension on the outside of my existing ones) I think ur right, first one is prolly better.. And ur lucky! My new growth(roots) are not dreading at all. Just strait hair rite now..:( pretty lame. Hopefully that'll change tho.. :)

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