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Abigail Ranic


Location: Cartersville, GA
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By: Abigail Ranic
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Well, I got really tired of having three dreads just sticking up everywhere. So I just did the twist and rip method on the majority of my hair. Except for my bangs(which I am not dreading at the moment). Keep in mind, my hair is extremely short, the shortest part is probably three inches. And it's just a ball in the back of my head. I don't know quite what to do. I would really appreciate anything, any advice. Thank you!

Abigail Ranic
09/09/13 09:57:57PM @abigail-ranic:
So, I have about fifteen dreads that are about five inches. Dreaded. My hair is layered so its weird. The ones in the short parts are not staying in well. I do plan on getting extensions though. I am also going to invest in some biotin. What are your opinions on extensions?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/08/13 02:18:43PM @soaring-eagle:

let it grow 1st

they will all fall out in a week or 2 if u only got 3 inches

u need a bare minumum of 4 tho 4 will most likely fall out 5 is recomended min for tnr 6 for natural take biotin daily to speed up the growing

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