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Location: Egg Harbor, WI
Zipcode: 54209
Country: US


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8 monthes backcomb=cut em off to go natural
Just before i cut off my 8 month backcombsplitend


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/04/10 02:45:35PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome brother

Michelle Erbach
09/17/12 07:12:15PM @michelle-erbach:

YoU AnD yOuR dReAdS aRe So BeAuTiFuL!!!

05/30/12 12:28:58PM @stigandi:

hey, how's the dread journey going? btw, i love your rainbow brite costume! rainbow brite was my favorite as a kid!

03/11/12 09:18:25PM @wick:

wow dreads look beautiful that almost look like waves not dreads vary different lol :3 but look vary good

Ellese Casteel
01/09/12 06:57:18PM @ellese-casteel:

thank you! my turtle tattoo was done buy a good friend of mine he works from home but he has a good rate. i think it took about 25 hours over 3 months i love getting tattooed i go every 2 weeks i'm working on my sleeves now! do you have any tattoos?

Ellese Casteel
01/06/12 02:26:14AM @ellese-casteel:
Hello thanks for the add! I love your dreads the raps really set them off! When did u start ur jurney?

Robert Thompson
12/30/11 10:33:48PM @elliott-singleton:

Wow! Thank you. You are so sweet. I'll be 50 in a couple months so you just made my night : ) Thank you for the friendship add!

Althea Jesse
12/30/11 02:51:27PM @demoniac:

Hahaha that was the greatest comment sister, thank yooou =]

Tara Earnest
12/30/11 11:57:25AM @tara-earnest:

no i havent heard of that particular documentary. send me the linky, it will give me something to watch tonight, or tomorrow afternoon. :)

thanks :D

Tara Earnest
12/29/11 07:28:19PM @tara-earnest:

hey thanks for the friending :D

i really really love your background! im a huge fan of sacred geometries and the sort! awesomeness :)

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