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Dandruff help!!

user image 2013-08-25
By: abbey black
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Hey everyone. I have asked and asked my friends who also have dreads how to get rid of dandruff. It just won't seem to go away. My dreads are 7 months old free form with a few tnr dreads. I would love some advice on how to get rid of it!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/25/13 07:54:23PM @soaring-eagle:

+yea hot water will dry out the scalp bad

all your skin will improve when u cut out hot water

abbey black
08/25/13 07:38:33PM @abbey-black:

right now I use a natural coconut oil/rosemary oil bar from vital goods and I do use hot water but from now on I will stop using that!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/25/13 07:35:42PM @soaring-eagle:

what do u use and do now

stop using hot water

use the tetree rosemaery bar from dreadlockshampoo or baking soda acv with teatree and rosemary added

even if u wash with cool to cold finush wuith a cold as u can stand after rinse

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