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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Daytona Beach, FL
Zipcode: 32117
Country: US


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Loc'd braid
rasta lizard


zoubairi  hassan zebra
03/18/11 07:47:45AM @zoubairi-hassan-zebra:
thanks for being my friend please link

01/14/10 05:10:26PM @summer:
Thank you mama! How are things in warm wonderful Daytona Beach?

Chuck R
10/27/09 08:50:23PM @chuck-r:
Worse, we don't get the sea breeze. Heat index was 99. Can you still drive on the beach out there?

Chuck R
10/27/09 12:57:15PM @chuck-r:
Thanks. How's Daytona?

Amma Niradhara
10/14/09 10:03:53AM @amma-niradhara: caught this on the slide show- main page - its jayne not me but this is the braid i was describing. sorry still no camera luck for me lately.

Amma Niradhara
10/05/09 01:35:50AM @amma-niradhara: here is a good pic of some lu lus similar to mine on this thread. i dont think my 2 photos on my page show them well. i took out all the shells and much of the crap but i love the lu lus and they each have one cowrie at the bottom and a few tibetan bells sewn in.

Amma Niradhara
10/05/09 01:12:24AM @amma-niradhara:
i think yours are longer than mine. i can only sit on one or 2 of them they mostly jsut brush the top of my butt cheeks. i will get pics in a few days probably.

Amma Niradhara
10/04/09 10:47:07PM @amma-niradhara:
you must have some LONG dreds! try the french braid i use it as my basic everyday look its so practical and still looks sweet. the looloo or lulu is an israeli word for hair wrap. the woman who did them for me in the himalayas has so many israeli girls coming to india as her clients in this little hippie hamlet up in the mountains she is known as the lu lu or loo loo lady. they are really specialy beautifully done hair wraps. mine have tibetan bells in them!if it ever stops monsooning i will take my camera out and see if i can get a friend to take my photos. i dont have any recent either.

10/04/09 02:49:26AM @knottykonner:
Haha no prob bob!

Amma Niradhara
10/04/09 01:42:41AM @amma-niradhara:
namaste Zi left you a hairdo description for your work in the discussion on that i hope you see it. i am super enamoured with the way you are rockin the locs in your profile pic though. the one i described is similar but more sturdy for long work days i think.

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