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Zen Rasta


Location: Toronto Area
Country: CA


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10/05/10 07:49:15PM @shalimar:
Thankyou! its actually the beginning of the gayatri mantra- translated directly it means"Om the Three Worlds (earth, ether and heaven; or physical, subtle and causal)"it' a powerful meditation chant to bring light into your life

Jason Escoffery
09/30/10 07:16:54AM @jason-escoffery:
thanks for the friend request. Blessings and One Love!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/25/10 09:24:48AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome brother

Spencer Candelario
03/30/12 06:50:43AM @boogie-rocamora:

i like your soundtrack kelly =))

sweet dreams

Tyler Buckman
03/16/12 11:30:07PM @jody-m-regan:

awe wow you are the best :D

ill inbox you may address then youre now my best friend haha :D

mimi mi
03/06/12 05:32:35PM @mimi-mi:

I'm really glad that my comment made you smile :) Take care now!

Tyler Buckman
03/04/12 02:46:02AM @jody-m-regan:

that sounds like plan to me how would i pay you back

Tyler Buckman
03/03/12 03:40:21PM @jody-m-regan:

really that would be the awesomest thing ever :D

Tyler Buckman
01/19/12 03:07:52AM @jody-m-regan:

hey there im brian your dreads are looking nice where did you get the cool bead?

mimi mi
01/17/12 09:48:10PM @mimi-mi:

Thanks for the add, love. Swell locks forming there, and I really adore your photographs! Much love to you, Shalom!

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