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Zachary Marpoe


Location: Shippensburg, PA
Zipcode: 17257
Country: US


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By Zachary Marpoe, 2013-09-16

I started my neglect dreading a little over 2 months ago. Now I am a very impatient when it comes to this process. Somedays i wish i could wake up in the morning and bam, have a full head of dreads. Some people that see me everyday tend to swing the same way saying "where are you dreads" and it just makes it more tired of waiting. After not seeing to much progress with the first maybe month and a half, i was really considering to just comb what i had out and keep my hair straight. The past two weeks now my head looks like a jungle is going on. i have a hand full of newbie dreads starting and looking different everyday. its starting to make this process exciting and wanting to keep going to see how my dreads turn out. i guess all you need to be is really patient when it comes to this method, for those who are going this way of dreading just stay patient and itll come. might be slow but you will like the end result.

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