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Location: Spokane, WA
Country: US


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04/08/10 06:16:05PM @illumiknotty:
nah it should be the title instead of the weird letters u had?

04/07/10 10:57:40PM @illumiknotty:
hmm no ya didnt!

04/04/10 10:28:55AM @matt2:
ow well that sucks, any good powder days, just went out yesterday. up to my chest!!!

03/28/10 03:44:26PM @matt2:
thanks. it was a powder day. but the year where in this year was actually pretty was yours

03/27/10 02:28:23PM @matt2:
the video of me droping into corbets is on my profile, you have to look hard. it says youtube on my profile, click on that

03/27/10 02:20:39PM @matt2:
sorry i am going to add they video to my group and to my profile

03/27/10 02:20:10PM @matt2:
ya man i have droped corbets, as you see there on pictures on there, one of them is my dad and one of them is me, there is a video of me droping into corbets on youtube i am going to add that vid to you cammen spa

Chris DeLorenzo
03/24/10 11:11:53PM @chris-delorenzo:
thanks a lot! all those were formed naturally. I have a few in the bangs section that are backcombed, and i still have a bit of hair on my left side that im gonna dread naturally

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/21/10 11:58:13PM @soaring-eagle:
think about this..dreads happen if you let dreads happen.. simple as can bebut people are addicted to doing things to gain results so assume dreads must take effort.. so they come up with 15 steps to complicate the simplicity of nature.. stepse that dond to much but cause harm so they add products they can charge u fior that make the steps seem like they dio something so now a simple pleasurable process of just letting go now is a pain in the ass daily striggle to force a look that looks swimular to your hairs most natural state..ofcourse ppl will pay hundreds of dollars thinking its complicated and easyu to mess up but the reral truth is u can dread yourself whikle in a coma u dont gotta do a thing and the less u do the more real they are and appear

Lonnie Berg
03/21/10 11:53:56PM @lonnie-berg:
Thank you for reaching out My Friend, I am honored

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