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Vaughn Maurice Gaines II


Location: Uniontown, PA
Zipcode: 15401
Country: US


images: 71
videos: 2

Flat Dread

streams: 10
video file: 6.5MB, 00:01:51

Vaughn Maurice Gaines II
10/03/10 03:39:05PM @vaughn-maurice-gaines-ii:
yeah it wants to do that i might as well leave it be. its the only flat one

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/03/10 12:52:18PM @soaring-eagle:
just leave it alone theres nothing wrong with it at all

10/03/10 12:37:17PM @hazzim:
its pretty easy to round it with a crochet needle...... but you will damage the dread really bad and you could get extra stiffness,,,, and a heavy lock and lots of broken hairs ...... you could try clockwise rubbing but i dunno if that`ll work out as you want it to.........

Loc Lava
10/03/10 12:11:03AM @loc-lava:
your locs are perfectly perfect. I also have one large loc that is 4 combined...I used to have issues with it but not it is one of my favorite's huge probably a good inch thick. but i wouldn't have it any other way. Your locs are lovely and i love the helix one in the back...sweet.

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