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Tyler Clayborn


Location: Yorktown, VA
Zipcode: 23693
Country: US


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By: Tyler Clayborn
Posted in:
I dont have the ability to get shampoo from so are there any shampoos i could get from walmart
02/04/13 09:49:47AM @gingerrose:
Drip dry. You can put a towel over your shoulders, but switch it after a while so it's not so damp. Shake upside down after a bit to get the volume back if needed.

Tyler Clayborn
02/02/13 12:40:50PM @tyler-clayborn:
I ment towel dry oe air dry

Tyler Clayborn
02/02/13 12:40:33PM @tyler-clayborn:
After i put in rhe salt water mix then wash it oit should i air dry or drip dry

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