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Trina Sandress
Trina Sandress


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Dreadlocks and Patience

By: Trina Sandress
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It is funny to me how when I was young I really wanted my hair to look like the commercial straight hair that you can run fingers through . The kind of hair that blows in the breeze. Long shiny healthy hair.The commercials presented before me the product that would solve all of my kinky,coily,unruly hair problems.

Now I have the long,shiny,healthy hair that the wind blows through but it is is tightly coiled because of my African roots and genetics. This did not happen overnight! It started to happen slowly. Like a transition in a diet. Taking out things that don't serve my growth.

I grew more and more patient with myself and others around me as my shaved head turned into a twa(teeny weeny afro) and my twa turned into big afro and then my big afro turned into baby locks and so and so forth.

Through this experience I was judged harshly but I kept loving myself and let those who continued to judge me continue to hate themselves. All through the patience of letting go I discovered that those who judge you are first and foremost judging themselves. They have a lack of love for themselves so I decided not to take to heart negative words regarding my hair because I am living in a world of self acceptance and I am not interested in go back to the days of low self esteem and confusion on who I am or who I wish to become.

Until I became patient with myself I was not able to experience a peace within my soul. The judgements were way more to live up that is when I realized that I cannot live my life according to others expectations of what I should look like,how I should talk,the way I should dress etc...

Whoever decides to read this blog I hope you helps you with your dread journey and your life journey! We are all on a very unique path and judgement will get you stuck in one section of the path. When I put into practice to have patience with myself then is when life becomes mainly about being myself and feeling free to be who I know within my heart and soul who I truly am.

Trina Sandress
07/12/11 05:04:07PM @trina-sandress:

Thank you! They will last as long as you keep things simple and and natural. And keeping them clean as well.

I think that people always fear what they don't understand. And a lot of times when they see that you feel positive and confident in yourself and they don't feel that way about themself it is too much for them to comprehend!

But this is your life path not theirs. They may be your parents but you have to walk your individual path. I hope that she at least listens to you because it sure would be great to have a parent be loving and accepting of choices that cause no harm to you or anyone else around you.

07/11/11 10:57:27PM @rsavage26:
Good advice. I'm getting some shit from my parents for deciding to dread my hair the natural hair so it was encouraging to read your post. I like your locs too; they are beautiful. I hope mine last 14 years. :)

so would've i
05/17/11 07:52:44PM @so-wouldve-i:
reading this made me feel so good

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