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Trina Sandress
Trina Sandress


Location: Sacramento, CA
Zipcode: 95827
Country: US

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16yr. Freeform Dreadlock Anniversary for Me

By: Trina Sandress
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16yrs going strong. I knew once my hair started locking that I was in it for eternity. For me my dreadlocks mean freedom. I am free to be me and to love me for what comes out naturally. I have faced many confrontations and giggles and snide comments behind my back waiting in line at grocery stores,people shouting out of their windows "You nappy headed nigger" but you know I have become immune to all of their negativity. It bounces right off of my aura because I truly love who I am and know that I only want to be me and not some commercial version of a human being that society expects me to be. I am liberating myself, constantly growing,and becoming more and more confident within as the years go by. I hope you all are enjoying life and staying drama free as much as possible.

Warm Regards,

Trina Sandress

09/28/13 09:44:26PM @jazzymomma:

thats wonderful to hear an insipring ..i agree we dont need makeup a millions kinds of hygiene products and hollywood how to's spelling out a perfectly pampered and faked persona so comercial and unnatural in ever way lol peace an lov sista

Trina Sandress
07/31/13 05:04:57PM @trina-sandress:

@ taye Thank you

Trina Sandress
07/31/13 05:03:52PM @trina-sandress:

@ Light Fairie Thank you so much :)

Trina Sandress
07/31/13 05:03:16PM @trina-sandress:

@ Tara C Thank you :)

Trina Sandress
07/31/13 05:02:51PM @trina-sandress:

@ Princess Kay Thank you so much :)

Trina Sandress
07/31/13 05:02:27PM @trina-sandress:

@ Ginger thank you :)

07/22/13 05:40:06PM @taye:

You are a beautiful, strong woman. Congrats on the 16 years!!

Light Faerie ~
07/21/13 03:04:07PM @light-faerie:


Tara C
07/21/13 02:41:06PM @tara-c:

Beautiful, and a very inspirational post, too :)

Princess Kay
07/21/13 10:24:43AM @princess-kay:

you are soooo beautiful. congrats.

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