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Torie Shea


Location: Milwaukee, WI
Zipcode: 53207
Country: US


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Torie Shea

got a lemurian seed!

I did get a lemurian seed crystal!...
@Torie Shea 7 years ago - Comments: 1
Torie Shea

i love this book!

The edges of the pages are color...
@Torie Shea 7 years ago - Comments: 0

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Josh trying to hula hoop

Josh trying to hula hoop

7 years ago - Comments: 0

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For some reason after I colored some of my dreads, they don't look as much like locks!
Three sessions, all done!
Third session...finished product!
Got it on my 18th b day, forget its there!
My dreads are getting to a fun length!
I have white in my hair! It got to light...
Champa...the silver panther on the prawl
rainbow hair
Goofy night!
I have to wear all black to work :'(
Me and my mom last winter


10/11/11 02:02:43PM @exalthimx7:

Hey Miss Torie..xo & love to you Chica...miss you

Heathen Hippie )O(
10/07/11 11:48:40PM @heathen-hippie-o:

Hey there miss lady! I haven't been on in a while. How is everything going for you? Lotsa love.

09/16/11 07:35:04AM @exalthimx7:

Hola pretty lady'] thinking of you and wish you a Happy day! xo

09/12/11 11:22:55AM @abi:

Hey beautiful lady, sorry it took me so long to respond I haven't been on here in a minute, I do still work at that chinese restaurant but I'm thinking of looking for one in wb with more hours, but that might mean may have to cut my mane :[. How are you guys?? We should definitely get together sometime soon, I have school but that's only til 2. If you want to message me your number I'll do the same. Have a wonderful day. :D

09/06/11 08:26:19PM @pekipsi:

I dunno if I know him or not... Probably not, I don't know many people with dreads. I may have seen him though :D

Brittany Rassat
09/06/11 12:11:56AM @brassat:

hello lady not much had to go back to work today :( and i really don't have any plugs at the moment I tend to pass them on when I'm done with them or move up in size but if I stretch them again or want to get rid of any I will keep you in mind for sure :) I'm at a 7/16 now but I will ask friends if they have any!

Brittany Rassat
09/03/11 11:30:41PM @brassat:

um Webster I think lol not really sure :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/02/11 10:07:18PM @soaring-eagle:

i thought so too it was between that and well..another of yours but since yours was used already not too long ago decided against it

09/02/11 08:29:13PM @heather:

its not just the hair in front of my ears that isn't knotting. its all the hair on the sides of my head above my ears too. its so baby fine and soft that any knotting that happens between washes just comes right out after the wash. so frustrating.

09/02/11 10:35:56AM @exalthimx7:

Cool! If you don't like one of the wraps I have on Etsy, let me know what colours you like & I'll show you a couple fabrics for approval'] Thanks Chica']

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