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Tonia Alford


Location: Hampton, VA
Zipcode: 23663
Country: US


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Riding along Sept 27 09 095
Haywood N Jess trip Sept 27 09 092
Haywood N Jess trip Sept 27 09 090
Kyie Sept 27 09 088
Tambourine n Haywood Sept 27 09 086
Kylie Sept 27 09 084
cool Mushroom Sept 27 09 082
Haywood N Jess trip Sept 27 09 079
cool tree I found on my hike Sept 27 09 077
Deer in the meadow
Deer @ Big Meadows
Haywood N Jess trip Sept 27 09 009


feelin irie
01/13/10 11:31:10PM @feelin-irie:
hope all is goin well its awsome to see another dreadhead from hampton va, feelin irie

10/14/09 04:14:27PM @d:
Thanks for the add... hope you are having a wonderful week!

Lonnie Berg
09/29/09 11:34:24AM @lonnie-berg:
Happy Birthday Pertty One, Much Love! namaste'

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/28/09 02:47:12PM @soaring-eagle:
happy birthday!!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/28/09 10:23:55AM @soaring-eagle:
very nice and your so pretty :) i am jealous i havent been to the mountains in over a yeari need the mountains every few months at least

Lonnie Berg
09/26/09 08:32:15PM @lonnie-berg:
Wish you'd get back home, I miss you

09/23/09 01:32:27PM @iain:
thats awesome you got thru it in one hike,I'm hoping to try it sometime within the next 5years, though I've never done anything over several weeks.

Lonnie Berg
09/23/09 01:03:16PM @lonnie-berg:
Almost Forgot, Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!!!!!

Lonnie Berg
09/23/09 01:00:15PM @lonnie-berg:
Tonia, already Luvin ya and I'll for sure check into Damascus Va. Hoping that was a personal invite fron you.Much Love Sweet One, namaste'

Lonnie Berg
09/23/09 10:56:51AM @lonnie-berg:
Thanks for friending me Sweet Sistah, looking forward to talking and getting to know you

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