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Tina Mother's Milk


Location: Bridgeport, CT
Zipcode: 06604
Country: US


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Anyone Live In Connecticut?

By: Tina Mother's Milk
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HELP! Anyone in Connecticut that would be willing to help me re-do a couple dreads in the back? The locktition made them HUGE and I was able to undo two of them, but I would like to do two others and they seem to be locked. Also, I would like about 8 more made from the few that I combed out so they don't congo.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/16/13 05:01:41PM @soaring-eagle:

use a fork or knitting needles to pick at the end and ty to work it loose a bit then go at it with comb or brush

use a load of conditioners or olive oil to help u get it out

Tina Mother's Milk
09/16/13 04:44:51PM @tina-mothers-milk:

I was able to take 2 out and after watching a video of how to tnr I was able to make 5 more but the fatty below won't budge. Then ends got sucked in and I can't even tell where to start. Still need help with that one.

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