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Location: South Australia
Country: AU


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10/12/13 01:41:46PM @patience:

Thank you for the friend request. I've just added some 9 month photos to my timeline - it seems it's been a while since I was on here!

06/08/13 01:09:36PM @fiddlinchedda:

Hey man, i love all kinds of music, past few years though i cant seem to get enough old time music. i guess thats kinda a vague term, i play mostly old "american" fiddle tunes, new fiddle tunes too.what do you play, i think i see some clawhammer :)

05/07/13 07:20:21PM @kato:
thanks heaps Tim, i will order some today.peace and blessings to you.

05/07/13 06:13:05PM @kato:
hi Tim, my name is kato, barrelllady sugessted that you might have some ideas on a good dreadlock shampoo available in australia, im in Victoria. im having issues with dry scalp was curious as to your wash regeme.thanks kato.

Nolan Plank
02/16/13 08:02:23PM @nolan-plank:
(If you remember Keith Lackey)

Nolan Plank
02/15/13 09:21:13PM @nolan-plank:
Dude Keith Lackey's Dreadlocks. That's what I'm kinda worried about if I don't separate. Honestly they didn't look real bad, but I don't know.Be well.

Nolan Plank
02/09/13 06:28:48PM @nolan-plank:
Hey man! Sent you a few emails when you have the time to look at em. Be well!

Nolan Plank
02/06/13 08:44:05PM @nolan-plank:

Nolan Plank
02/06/13 04:02:04PM @nolan-plank:
Mine was doing the malware thing too and I was on my dad's computer so I was thinking "oh shit I just got a virus and I'm f***ed" but hopefully not yet as nothing bad seems to have happened. Sent you a couple emails on gmail if you wanna check em out. Messaging and chat doesn't work on my comp for some reason.

the Barrellady
02/02/13 03:31:05AM @the-barrellady:

Hi Tim, my niece now lives in Australia, Melbourne, never had the pleasure of visiting her there yet. Your eucalyptus bead is a work of art, I work with wood and recycle wine barrels which is a hard solid oak, so making beads from them would be more of a pain. How would you like to barter beads for a candle holder, made from a barrel that produced a Niagara Canada wine? I do have a web site if you want to see what it would look like, just not sure if I am allowed to post the name of it here. Let me know if your are interested. Cheers.

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