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Baba Fats
05/08/13 03:40:28PM @baba-fats:

Welcome. I agree, you should check out the dreaductaion page. That and the recovery forums. Wax is one of the worst things that can be used on locks.

Best case scenario: It completely prevents progress. Wax acts like a glue to hold down loops, tangles, and knots. Without them, you have no locks. Wax is a hydrocarbon, so no matter how much ht water and normal soap you use, it'll NEVER wash out.

Worst case (But very likely): Wax traps moisture and water because it's a hydrocarbon. This water allows mold/mildew to grow in your hair and start to decompose your hair from the inside. You end up walking around with a virtual swamp stuck to your head.

Shops use too many damaging techniques like crochet hooks, interlocking, waxes and creams. For the most part stylists are not taught how to grow healthy locks in beauty school. So they use methods that they hear are good, from friend, and clients. Most of these methods only create nice looking locks that are only meant to last you a few years, no for life

05/08/13 02:53:38PM @jazzymomma:

welcome to dreadlockssite peace an luv b with u on ur continued dread journey good ppl an real true facts about dreads here check out the dreaducation guide in gray above and tabs about wax and other good info on there as well :)

the Barrellady
05/08/13 02:50:31PM @the-barrellady:

Welcome to the community Tiffany and to the best site on the web for all your dreadie information...Peace

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/08/13 02:17:43PM @soaring-eagle:

few facts about wax twisting and "shops"

  • wax
  1. wax is a scam and dread killer
  2. it just glues hair hair together to resemble dreads
  3. but actualy prevents and movement so no actual dreaduing occurs
  4. it never washes out
  5. it traps dirt and water wich causes dred rot
  6. mold
  7. mo]ildew
  8. stiff heavy sticky gross dreads
  9. its the number 1 cause of dreads being cut
  • twisting
  1. pulls too tigtly on the scalp removing the rioom needed for movement and dreading
  2. causes traction alopecia
  3. this is the scalpy look shops call "tidy' its actualy a serius medical condition
  4. it will eventualy become wo[idrestread and permenant balding if not stopped intime
  5. causes roots to thin and weaken
  6. the scalpy look the bald patches get wider as the dreds get thinner
  7. dreads may fall off
  • shops and loctitians
  1. loctician is a made up word combining loc or lock and tician as in someone with technical tangling hair
  2. they make u think dreads requit-=re excessive care and expence they make you scared to even wash your hair on your own
  3. they use shame tactics to get u to go
  4. they charge up to 100 dollars an hour not even most prostitutes get that much
  5. they use nothing but the most garmful methods and brute forece to simulate dreading
  6. they call cleannaturaal dreads grodss while pronmoting not washing for a year (eww)and caking in wax so they are filthy
  7. they are a ripoff scam and extrenely bad fir dreads..nothings worse then going to a shop

luckily your here and we can save them

start off with wax b gone to get that evil wax out

next demand a refund for all the harm they diid so far

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/08/13 01:55:20PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome but u nr4eeeeed to remove that wax wich is extremely hard to do and never ever go to a shop that retwisting will make u bald

remove all wax then leave them alone

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
07/04/13 11:04:59PM @tyler-chidester:

Hi Mario, saw you question on chat...You sure can go swimming, dreads love to flow with the water, swim as you swim, catch the waves. If you are in a chlorinated pool, wet your hair before going in so that it does not absorb as much chlorine, then after you are done, just give you head a good rinse again to wash the chlorine out. If you are going into salt water, wet your, which dreads love, it helps to speed up the journey, just give your head a good rinse within two hours of coming out as salt water can dry out the hair, also, ocean water has floaties and stuff in it, better to rinse them out with or without dreads.....try and make sure your hair dries out before going to bed....peace

06/05/13 03:33:51AM @matt15:
To be honest I'm not sure about that one, just message SE and ask him, he's the essential oils guru and he'll know how best to do it :)

06/04/13 06:11:12PM @matt15:
Add a bit of rosemary and tea tree oil to whatever you use as your shampoo and that should help :)

06/04/13 05:03:17PM @tiffany4:
My hair is starting to get there a home remedie for dandruff ?

05/20/13 06:40:14PM @tiffany4:
Oh I looked it on google I just forgot what site it took me too. Damn man nice dreads. You even got your beard dreaded lol that dope

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