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Updates on dreads

By: TieDyedSoul
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Here are my babies that are my dreads. look at them, say hi to them, feel them, get close to them, introduce yourself to them I'm sure they won't mind, love them, taste them...ok no don't taste them NEVER taste them! they are coming in alright. This is a month in and they are doing there own thing. I just wish that I knew how to tighten up the roots they are pretty loose in the back because I sleep on my back and they are becoming loose. well here they are I introduce to you my dreads. you may look but dont touch...ok you can touch but you Can't enjoy it! ok you can enjoy it but no eye contact! alright just a little eye contact.

This is the back view pretty messy.

Front view looks legit

last side view. it is what it is.

01/11/13 06:49:32PM @tiedyedsoul:
oh haha! thanks guys I rip and twisted them before getting on this site now I'm just letting them do whatever they feel like.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/11/13 06:19:30PM @soaring-eagle:

damn it i read too slow and tasted them b4 u got a chance to say not to

then one thing lead to another and well

things happened

its not like we intended it to


got caught up in the momment

but the good news is the roots were plenty tight enough for such young dreads

btw they smell better then they taste

melanie rose
01/11/13 06:10:11PM @melanie-rose:
inspiring! I personally think they look beyond awesome, ESPECIALLY the back :) so mature for one month.

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