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Tied up in knots


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By: Tied up in knots
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Received 3 compliments on my hair today. My hair was tied up but I had beads showing and some of the dreads were loose and kind of sticking out a bit. And the loops were doing their thing of course...

The first compliment came from my 72 year old coworker...I was floored. She has no idea that I've done anything to my hair as far as I know but she did comment positively about my hairdo today. So that was kind of awesome.

The other 2 were customers. They're usually quite complimentary about my clothes and jewelry but in the 3 years I've known them they have never gone out of their way to compliment my hair. Made me feel most excellent.

I'm still waiting for any kind of acknowledgement when my hair is down but so far there's been nothing positive or negative from anyone other than 2 friends who haven't seen my hair and just have pre-conceived notions. One with good notions and one with bad. And another friend who is on the fence about dreading herself. Everyone else hasn't even acknowledged. I'm pretty sure they're practicing what their mammas taught them and not saying anything when they have nothing nice to say. ;p

Anyway, today was just a pretty good day for the self esteem and since it revolved around my hair I felt the need to share!

Hope everyone else had similarly positive days as well.

Tied up in knots
04/19/12 02:50:34PM @tied-up-in-knots:

I think it has a lot to do with where I live. Not many people in my immediate area have dreads but there is a high volume of both hippies and Indians. Two pretty lock-friendly cultures all in all.

Still, I've only gotten the one compliment about them actually being dreads. I think the other compliments were more based on the style they were up in. Looked all classy and shit! ;p Couldn't really tell they were supposed to be locks or anything.

And apparently it was International Compliment Day or somesuch thing :P But it wasn't when the Indian lady complimented my hair so that one definitely still counts!

I do get a lot of acknowledgement of them though. A few " You look like an ol' hippie woman" and some " what's going on back there? oh, it's all nappy-mappy" (That was from my boss...I just laughed and he didn't say anything else...fingers crossed! haven't seen him since then...). All in all nothing super positive or necessarily negative. Definitely more people acknowledging my hair though which is hard to get used to.

The compliments will come. Just give them time. All that really matters is that the people around you are supportive and you love them. And you should. They look great.

Circle Dancer
04/19/12 02:12:02PM @circle-dancer:

No one has ever randomly complimented mine! Ever! *cries* Only on here a few times and my boyfriend and friends. But I've never ever had a comment of any sort from a random stranger. In almost 4 months now. I'm sad, but I know it will have to happen eventually. When it does I'm probably going to cry and hug the person and make a huge deal about how they are the first person to ever talk about my hair, lol.

Tied up in knots
04/19/12 01:27:13PM @tied-up-in-knots:

Hahaha yeah I used to be soooo paranoid about my hair when going out. I'd fiddle with it forever and then just say "screw it, it's never going to look good" and leave and be paranoid all day. Now I fiddle with it forever just admiring loops and beads and then walk out the door thinking I look awesome.

I've had one compliment on my hair when it's down. An older Indian woman asked me if I did my hair myself and was impressed when I said yes and that I was going natural (besides the twist and rip of course). Made me feel good. Said it looked good and that anyone who says otherwise is stupid. I love her.

Other people just tell me I look like an old hippie woman. I love it when it's old hippie men telling me that though.

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