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the mindful mushroom


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New Dreads

By the mindful mushroom, 2011-08-20

So this is my 3rd attempt at dreads. I have done them myself every time. The first time I did a really horrible job and took them out. The 2nd time I let let other peoples feelings about my style affect me and took them out. It was probably for the best because I did them before I found this site and used quite a bit of wax on them. Thanks Knotty Boy!
This time I am ready! I had already bought the Knotty Boy shampoo bar so I used that for awhile. I went about a week without washing my hair so it would separate into it's natural sections. I spent a couple days backcombing and twist & ripping and now I love my hair! I washed my hair today (day 2) and I must have done the dreading right because my hair looks tighter and dreadier today. I think I am going to love this journey!

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