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the Barrellady


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14 months T&R journey

By: the Barrellady
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Well my friends, here I am at 14 months into my journey, my dreads are finally not so wild looking anymore. Hopefully in 6 more months they will be fully mature. My bangs aren't dreading, but that's okay, maybe one day they will. Enjoying everything I have been through so far, wild ride and all, everything I have learned and everything that has yet to come....Peace

the Barrellady
05/24/13 04:40:59PM @the-barrellady:

hey k8ekate, yep, my hair started at a length almost to my waist, by the 11 month mark they were shoulder length, some even higher. I have been taking Biotin since then to encourage the hair growth again.

05/23/13 12:29:51PM @taye:

beautiful lady. Such contemplation in the expression. Deep thoughts. :D

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