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Tessa Smith


Location: Garden City, MI
Zipcode: 48135
Country: US


Blogs: 1
images: 46
audio tracks: 6

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6 years ago - Comments: 0
Goodnight and Go

Goodnight and Go

7 years ago - Comments: 0
Scarlet Begonias

Scarlet Begonias

7 years ago - Comments: 0
No Control

No Control

7 years ago - Comments: 0
01 Panic

01 Panic

7 years ago - Comments: 0
05 Don't Push

05 Don't Push

7 years ago - Comments: 0

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1year copy
Photo on 2011-09-27 at 14.58 #2
Photo on 2011-09-27 at 14.57
Photo on 2011-09-27 at 14.57 #5
Photo on 2011-09-27 at 14.57 #4
Photo on 2011-09-27 at 14.56
Photo on 2011-09-27 at 14.55 #2
Photo on 2011-09-27 at 14.54
dreadies <3


09/27/11 04:16:36PM @iva:

I like this backround :)

08/29/11 05:40:25AM @tess:

Hi Tessa, no, my name is just Tess, even though I have the same problem with people calling me Tessa. Thank you!

Adam Hylton
08/24/11 03:58:26AM @adam-hylton:

thanks for liking my stained glass sublime sun:) I constructed the sun in 1999 and have treated it with care since then. lord have mercy! I love how your dreadies are maturing. keep your heart strong.

08/19/11 09:32:03AM @storm:

Hmm mk. 2 of the pillows I sleep with are silk and the rest are regular. I try to leave my hair down when I sleep cuz I have it up during the day and I'm really trying to keep them from congoing like last time from me having them constantly pulled up in a pony. :P But I'll try it. I'm thinking I might just hemp-wrap the ones in the back becaause that seemed to help the ones I had at the bottom row when I first started them.

Sidonia  CoY
08/19/11 12:43:09AM @sidonia-coy:

awesum pictures! love it!

08/16/11 05:49:53PM @storm:

I just have the very top/center part of my head to finish. i'm having a really hard time keeping the locs at the back of my head knotted. idk if when i sleep it's rubbing them out or what.

Mary White
08/05/11 01:44:14PM @mary-white:

I have feathers and wood, and polymer clay beads to trade... I make crafts too, but I am a lazy crafter.. I wait until something bothers me so much trying to get out before I do it. :) Let me know what you have and we can work it out! :)

07/30/11 12:41:18PM @storm:

The last set I tried was t&r but they looked funny like weird braids and the ends wouldn't stay.

07/30/11 12:40:50PM @storm:

Oh cool. I just started mine the other day with backcombing. I haven't done the top layer of my hair yet though. parting is the hardest part lol

Adam Hylton
06/21/11 10:52:21PM @adam-hylton:
sorry to hear about the scissor attacking your dread:(

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