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Star Gryphon


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Anthropological Study of Dreads

By: Star Gryphon
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I've already mentioned several times in different comments that I have made that I have a bachelors degree in Anthropology.

This is just an idea....

But I think it would be interesting to do some sort of research paper/study on the culture of dreadlocks. You need to have an unique thesis when you are a masters student. To earn your masters you have to be contributing something new to your discipline.


10/12/12 09:17:51AM @gingerrose:
You could look at impacts on industry... From labor to corporate image to consumer purchasing...

10/12/12 09:16:12AM @gingerrose:
Great idea - what a wide span of people.... But I'll bet you find similarities, too.

Star Gryphon
10/12/12 06:33:10AM @star-gryphon:

I'll let you know what happens! I already did a bit of ethnographical research when I first started my own dreads....I definitely have encountered many other rope heads in my life....this just might be my key to higher education. :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/12/12 03:17:01AM @soaring-eagle:

that would be awwsome but i want you to publish yoir findings here too!

i'll set u uop a page (not blog not discussion a full page))

and u can add and edit it as u do research

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