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New Decorations!

By Star Child, 2011-01-20

so amped, my friend wrapped one of my dreads in copper wire and went back around the other way crossing over it with silver its so sweet i lovelove it. got a bunch of new dreads so most of my hair is started finally. still got too much for my taste to start but theyll come in time.

badass existentialism class. badass abnormal pysch teacher. waitin for creative writing as we speak. death and dying got cancelled :[ but tuesday i can look forward to cross cultural and religious perspectives on bereavement :D

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I have finallyfound time to write my own very first blog post! :D huge deal. :P I'm still not familiar with the workings and ways of going about things on the site but i think once i have more of a schedule down [what with school starting this week and such] i'll be more able to find free time to spend here, browsing and learning my day away :]

ANYWHO I figured i'd post a couple general questions about the site, dreads, etcetc and then go from there. i'd LOVE to start makin really farout friends by the way so friend away my fellows :] i'm always down for chill discussions and befriending cyberstrangers :P

I believe I shall begin with my personally journey as of yet.

I believe i started dreading about 3 weeks ago, a guesstimate so to speak. I have "had" dreads once before. I say "had" because it was when i was still in middle/early highschool and still was under my parents' rule enough to make my social life disappear if i didnt take them out. >.< so i had them for about a month before my life was restricted much too far for comfort. but now that i am a big tough college student who's legally an adult and able to do as i please! (:P) i have started and continued my long awaited journey to having a big knot of dready hair :]

i did a fair amount of research before i got really into the process because i knew there were many methods i hadnt looked up the first time and decided i'd like to be more educated on the reletively time consuming and extended drastic head change i'd be making. that is how i landed upon this site as a matter of fact! and believe me am i glad that i did! there are just too many opinions out there for a baby dreader to handle. and the fact that this is a network of sort realllllyyyyy turned me on to being part of it. so helpful, so a hugehuge thank you a whole lot to whomever brought this community together and everyone that helped them make it happen and not forgetting the many thanks i give to the members on the site, willing to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas. :]

i've been letting my hair section itself under supervision with minor interference and backcombing what sectioned off as i go. still, my hair isn't fully in sections and i've been working on them sporadically. i'vee also had my boyfriend [who has been dreading for a week or so longer than i] start a few for me. one friend of mine also added a mighty beautiful hemp wrap with beads and whatnot to a section that wasnt overly dready but wasnt straight either certainly. no worries, i made sure it was loose enough to maintain some movement.

i refuse to use wax because quite frankly i think its grossgrossgross and i dont want that in my hair for the rest of eternity. actually i havent used anything but salt water washes from time to far once maybe twice i think. i try not to get my hair wet though because what's in dreads takes a super long time to dry thoroughly.

time for some questions i think

i dyed my hair and bleached it so much from 5th grade until present so i beat the hell out of my hair so it is dry and kinda broken to begin with. i've heard mostly dry is good, hence the recommended salt water rinses, but i feel like my hair looks too dry once i've started dreading it. i was curious as to if too dry was possible and perhaps what i might do about it if too dry is indeed possible.

i decided i didnt want super salon looking dreads, which i had once desired for a reason now unknown to me, but in my studies of dreads and such i've found mixed responses to having dreads the same size and equal or a bunch of different sizes, some thicker and bigger and such. i've got some thatre very much larger than others but for the most part i think what i've got so far is mostly equal. the bigger ones are all towards the back of my head and near my face they get a bit smaller. will this end up being a bad plan? and make my dreads look silly or something equally as horrifying?

ALSO, i've got bangs, which as a big pain in the kiester to start with but i've been trying to keep them out and keep them straight, which in itsef is found to be quite difficult. how might i keep them out more efficiently than trying to dread around them? and also, since that hairs straight and the rest will eventually be in locks, how would i go about washing it? which is also a problem right now because the bottom layer of my hair is mostly not started and the top and middle sections are where ive done the most work. how should i wash the hair thats undreaded vs the hair that is while i'm still working on them?


can someone please name some ways to wash my hair that doesnt have the unwanted residues afterwards? products or self made remedies, i'm open to anything. :]

thank you thank you thank you to anyone and everyone who read this, i do apologize for the length, i had more to say than i thought i guess. :P but any help comments or anything would be VERY gratefully appreciated :]

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