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Soul theory and ESP.

Spider Feet
04/07/10 05:28:17PM
Soul theory is overall just the general idea that we have a non-physical form. Lately I've been thinking about different ways to view what could be considered a soul, there really is no way to prove or disprove that it exists so my speculation is to think of it in a way that could be measured in theory. Maybe the soul would be all energy that has or will connect with what we consider ourselves throughout our lives. If that were the case then in theory, although it would be fairly chaotic and hard, it could be measured. Also, in that scenario the soul would be a fully integrated, connected and shared entity. Much like the Gaia hypothesis.I don't really remember where the quote was from I just remember hearing it..."Yes! There is a soul! But it's made of millions of tiny robots!" Think i was paraphrasing....I don't really know if I can believe in the soul as the widely thought of way where you disconnect from your body upon death, just pick up and move on fully intact. It just doesn't do it for me....not to mention that would just be plain rude! hehe.Which brings me to extra sensory perception. I love the idea of ESP and the study of it but it always bugs me that the only people studying esp in a serious manner are the new-age type that are belief and faith zealots.....just makes it hard to read if you don't have the same belief system.For the last few days during meditation I would try to 'tune down' my senses but still reach out with my mind. What I get is a mish-mash of images based on memories similar to a dream state. Worth noting but nothing that makes me feel that there is any more connection to the external or anything beyond that.Hmm, these topics were supposed to be connected in a less subtle way but I forgot what what I was going to say to relate them....
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