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Combed out dreads, is my hair ready to re-dread?

By: SpaceQueen
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I recently combed out my 4 month back combed dreads for a couple reasons (many being too large, cut a few with scissors ((oops)), felt like I missed out seeing my dreads grow and be designed by Mother Nature by starting with backcombing)It took a few painful days but I would like to restart. My hair is very thin but kept its length ( couple inches past my shoulders) I'm mostly wondering, is my hair ready to start the natural process or should I let it recover for a bit longer till it regains some of its fullness?Also, it looks alot fuller in the picture than it actually is.
03/17/13 04:16:46PM @gingerrose:

Just fine - slower than I'd like because what's growing in is healthy and silky, but they are knotting up, regardless. The damaged bits are splitting so far up the shaft of the hair, it's almost entertaining. But yeah, the root sections are often 2 or 3 times the thickness of the ends; but the ends are where the knots are showing up!

03/17/13 01:03:20PM @spacequeen:
Yeah I'll definitely be paying attention to root size, but thank you. How have yours been coming along with broken hairs and all?

03/17/13 01:02:24PM @spacequeen:
Alrighty, yeah I'll definitely be paying attention to root size because last time I has a problem with larger dreads. How have yours been coming along with the broken hairs and all?

03/17/13 12:41:31PM @gingerrose:
Mine has a lot if damage, and I started anyway. The only advice I can give is to be attentive of the ROOT section size and not the ends, which will look thin because of broken hairs

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