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Washing with bar soap

By: SpaceQueen
Posted in:
Is there any particular way to go about washing with bar soap? I know you're not suppose to touch your dreads much while washing and some people say to just wash your scalp but I feel like the bottom of my dreads don't get that clean that way, any help is appreciated :)
02/23/13 04:57:54PM @spacequeen:
Alrighty, thanks SE

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/23/13 04:53:03PM @soaring-eagle:

thats mostly while srtarteing dreads trust me the bottom gets clsean that way but i still wash the length in a buyckewt with the liquid the bar on the scalp to be thourough but the bar on the scalp rinses thriu and cleans as itr does

established dreads u can scrub all u want

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