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sylvia bagge "edgar alan poe" (album: bold little planet) copyright © sylvia c. bagge.2000

Category: sylvia bagge
Duration: 00:05:03
This is original tune by Sylvia. Vocals & guitar by Sylvia. I used to live across the street from Edgar Alan Poe's house on the Grand Course & 196th Street in the Bronx.

The lyrics can be found below:

edgar alan poe lived alone in a cottage
back when the Bronx was a bushy woodland
nothing around but the trees and the silence
and the ghost of his lover, anna bell lee...

anna bell lee she follows and haunts him
she comes from another land
she will not let go of him
her spirit runs through him
she's there to protect him, and....
in death to protect him..

down on Jerome (Ave), there's a woman named robin,
she borrowed my book on feminist theory
hey robin, hows the book, but she didn't hear me,
she said, "baby for a dollar, i can get you so high",
get you so high, find urban paradise,
between progress and chaos,
there's a district of empty space,
we've come to a crossroad,
reaction or reason....
the truth it is screaming
the truth it is screaming...

screams from New York,
chained in the wilderness
nietzsche's mad man is calling out to us...
a message of sanity
order isn't necessary
just responsibility
just responsibility...

my dreams of New York
the follow and haunt me the come from another land
they will not let go of me
a spirit runs through me
its there to protect me, and....
in death to protect me.....
in death, i will be
copyright © sylvia c. bagge.2000
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