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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


Location: philadelphia pa
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sylvia bagge "venus return" (album: bold little planet) copyright © sylvia c. bagge.2000

Category: sylvia bagge
Duration: 00:04:24
This is an original song by Sylvia. Vocals and guitar by Sylvia. The lyrics can be found below:

love shook my limbs until i cried
then said are you ready
lets go for a ride
love is the fire that loosens rust
and i will gladly brush off my skin like dust

as time is pulled like a thread from a mayan loom,
venus returned to my agnostic womb

i know the cold ache of loss and its sharp edge that lingers
and you remind me of that ache in my fingers
and even when the curtain falls, i still believe in you
the great river turns to blue when the fiery sun peeks through.....

to get where you are,
you rode a wave like a star
some kinda spinning field
a cosmic car....
and there you are
in my bed with your hand on my head
speaking to me telepathically, now
moving out 260 degrees
like the planet of love moves with the earth
orbiting out but never goin' too far
moving from the morning to the evening star
i knew i'd see you sometime, but i didn't
expect to see you right here in my room tonight...
venus returned
venus returned
venus returned, to my
agnostic womb

and all this time, we felt so abandoned
trapped in a strange place, where
we both landed
spinning out like radicals
free but incomplete
oh, but baby this is not the time to give in to defeat...

as time is pulled like a thread from a mayan loom,
venus returned to my agnostic womb
copyright ©sylvia c. bagge.2000
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