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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


Location: philadelphia pa
Country: US


rainbow gatherings, rainbow family, rainbow

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sylvia bagge "everyday" (album: releasethe medicine) copyright © sylvia c. bagge.2006

Category: sylvia bagge
Duration: 00:03:48
This is an original song by Sylvia. Vocals, guitar, & cello are all performed by Sylvia. The lyrics can be found below:

i know the sun's been all lit-up since the day he got a little
glance from your eyes
and now he's all ripped with passion for you, and he
burns your name across the sky....

everyday, he lights up my world everyday....

i'm not prayin' for a miracle like the one where you parted the sea,
because there's a big old ball of fire,
burnin' right there in front of me....

everyday, it lights up my world, everyday.....

instead, i'm prayin' for a moment of humility,
just to feel what its like to loose me,
i'm beggin' for a moment of humility,
just to feel what its like to loose me....

help me to let go of the things that i don't understand, and
please give me love for the people that i can't stand, and
help me to remember that God lives in every man,
and help me to unfold my fist
into an open hand.....

everyday, help me to love, everyday.....

can we forgive those in power?
can we forgive those with wealth?
can we forgive our parents?
can we forgive ourselves?

everyday, can we forgive everything?

i'm still prayin' for a moment of humility
just to feel what its like to loose me......
copyright ©sylvia c. bagge.2006
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