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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


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sylvia bagge "cosmic love is merciless" (album:bold little planet) copyright©sylvia c. bagge.2000

Category: sylvia bagge
Duration: 00:06:26
This is an original song by Sylvia. Vocals and acoustic guitar by Sylvia. Electric guitar by Lars Jensen. The lyrics can be found below:

leonardo da vinci was wrong
when he said a painting lasts longer than a song
cause that song you played the one that changes time..
its still playing in my mind...

i finally got it that you liked me
when you walked out of my house mumbling
all my assumptions were put to the test, because....
cosmic love is merciless.......

universal law is all about bliss
some understand this more
and some a little less
soon we will all be put in our placewe can't run away from
things that don't take up space
we can't run away from things that don't take up space
someday, even your lips will confess that....
cosmic love is merciless....

so after some thought and some chai tea
i realized that you think i'm a little bit creepy
well you might be right, but you also might see that
i can feel everything, and still feel free....

you could find what you need at the bottom of the sea,
you could find it in you,
or you could find it in me,
the milky way has the most incredible kiss, and
there's no way that won't be expressed,
cause when it comes to this, God never rests,
and therefore, cosmic love is merciless....

you know if we don't get in the flow,
well God will put us there, cause he's a scorpio
sometimes perfection looks more like a mess because...
cosmic love is merciless

truth is that you're in my breath when i sigh,
i see the big lake when i see your eyes
when time is a circle, late's the same as soon, and,
you are a bruce cockburn tune, yeah,
everythings a bruce cockburn tune

when you don't have a choice, there's really no risk,
because cosmic love is merciless

there's no such thing as black and white, and,
true surrender begins with a fight
beauty is in everything
no matter how its dressed, and....cosmic love is merciless....
copyright ©sylvia c. bagge.2000
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