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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


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sylvia bagge "adi shakti" (music & arrangement) copyright ©sylvia c. bagge.2015

Category: sylvia bagge
Duration: 00:03:54
This mantra was taught by Yogi Bhajan (Siri Singh Sahib Ji) and is written in Gurmukhi, the sacred language of the Sikh tradition. Melody and arrangement by Sylvia Bagge. The syllables of the mantra and the translation are found below:

Aadi Shakti, Aadi Shakti, Aadi Shakti, Namo Namo
Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Namo Namo
Pritham Bhaagwati, Pritham Bhaagwati,
Pritham Bhaagwati, Namo Namo
Kundalini Maataa Shakti, Maataa Shakti, Namo Namo

I surrender to the original feminine power
I surrender to the all encompassing feminine principle
I surrender to the created creation
I surrender to the creativity herself, the Divine Mother
(music & arrangement) copyright ©sylvia c. bagge.2015
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