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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


Location: philadelphia pa
Country: US


rainbow gatherings, rainbow family, rainbow

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Rainbow Spirit - Songs and Chants of the Rainbow Family (with times) and photos

1 We shall lift each other up 0:00:002 We are one in Harmony 0:06:293 The Way of the Heart 0:09:554 Return of the Bird Tribe 0:12:585 Teach us we are one 0:15:446 Dance Gypsy Dance 0:19:347 Open me up to receive 0:24:278 Music is the Key 0:25:499 Long time Sun shine upon you 0:31:0710 Live your Heartsong people 0:34:1011 Hallelujah 0:37:0712 Giving Thanks 0:39:4313 Find yourslf in Harmony 0:41:5314 Drum circle 0:45:4615 Day by day moment by moment 0;47:5416 Love is taking us Higher 0:49:4517 Bless the people 0:52:4218 Fly like the wind 0:57:1619 We are a magic people 1:00:0420 Mother is calling 1:03:1321 Singing our Heartsong 1:03:5722 Rainbow around the moon 1:04:4323 All fly like Eagles 1:09:3524 Waves of the Ocean 1:11:3225 Let Peace be born in our Heart 1:13:1926 The River is Flowing 1:16:1127 You are my Mother 1:18:1528 Love Peace and Unity 1:23:2329 You help my Love to grow 1:26:1530 Let the way of the Heart (Maui) 1:28:0431 Mother I feel you under my feet (Maui) 1:30:3032 Give Thanks to the earth (Maui) 1:33:0133 My Sweet Lord (Maui) 1:39:0934 I remember to Love myself (Maui) 1:49:1535 We are opening up in sweet surrender (Maui) 1:52:2836 Giving Thanks (Maui) 1:58:0637 Lord I am ready now (Maui) 2:02:00Photos are from gatherings all over the worldmore music can be found at http://www.musicfromtherainbow.orginfo on gatherings http://www.welcomehome.orgevent listings http://www.welcomehere.orgyou might also want to check out
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/18/14 09:10:29AM @soaring-eagle:

wow look at the 1st old pic of me at 38:20 something my dreads and beard dreads are so short dreads are jusr past my but (unless i had em piled behind me like i used to) & beard dreads were just 1/2 way down my chest

i cant remember how long ago that was or which gathering

i think my freind me (her names me) might have taken that

i think me is a member under another name

probly a good 15 years ago?

longer? dont see any grey hehe

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