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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


Location: philadelphia pa
Country: US


rainbow gatherings, rainbow family, rainbow

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Dreads update 20 years 003

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08/25/11 07:49:53PM @neva:

i love your dreads! i would like to have a grandfather like you^^ (it's a compliment ;)

09/11/10 05:20:09AM @ashleyymarie:
Absolutely beautiful:) You are an inspiration to all.

carolanne costantino
07/28/10 09:52:33AM @carolanne-costantino:
oh sorry twenty years. WOOOW. lots of respect :)

carolanne costantino
07/28/10 09:51:57AM @carolanne-costantino:
my jaw drops at how amazing your locks are! i like your fattys! do they hurt your neck? how old are they again?

Mattie C
07/18/10 05:01:24PM @mattie-c:
awesomeness I love your dreads!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/17/10 12:13:52AM @soaring-eagle:
haha loopy lori i love it :)

07/16/10 11:22:13PM @lori:
thanks SE your voice is very comforting and now that I have seen your many different types of natural dreads Im not as freaked out as I was a huge sigh of relief!!! thanks a bunch love ya brother, PEACE, gonna change my name to Loopy Lori ;)

07/14/10 06:41:45PM @naturalwomyn:
you have the kyndest voice I've ever heard!!! Much Respect

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/06/10 11:15:59PM @soaring-eagle:
thank you i feel the same i look forward to this community growing and being together year after year big ol knotty headed family :)

Panterra Caraway
07/06/10 10:59:35PM @panterra-caraway:
Thank you SE.I really enjoyed seeing your dreads "in person", so to speak! I want to really take a moment to tell you how grateful I am that you are here to help and advise me and everyone else. I look at you as a mentor and a brother and a friend and I respect your words immensly. You have a very calm and soothing energy and I look forward to knowing you and the others here for many years. As much as I want to have my babies all grown up I am really trying to enjoy the process and reflect on it every step of the way. Again, thank you...sincerly.

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