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The Rainbow Path toResponsible Parenting
(or The Rainbow Path to Child Safety)

03 Casey & August
Casey &August
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Welcome to the Gathering. This is a wonderfulspace to be in. It feels very free and safe. We want to maintainthat feeling, yet at the same time it is necessary to be sensiblein order to keep our children safe and healthy.

As times change, society in general hasdeveloped more problems and illnesses. Some of these,unfortunately, can carry over into our safe haven here. To ignorethese problems is not sensible. They do exist, therefore we as afamily must take measures to prevent them.

Here are some helpful ideas that work, and westrongly suggest you take them to heart for the sake of all ourprecious children . . .

  1. Please keep track of your children. Knowwhere they are and when they should be back to your camp sites ormeet you.
  2. If someone else is caring for your childrenplease make sure you !reallyknow! who that person is and that you have spent time withthat person. Sometimes, unfortunately, those persons who would harmour children have a facade that "feels OK" and a very trustingpleasant personality. This is not to say don't trust your feelingsor other people, please, just take some time and extra care -- ourchildren deserve it.
  3. Don't just drop your kids off at Kid Villageand leave. Become part of the scene. Get to know the other parents.If someone agrees to watch your children while you go off and enjoysome personal time, let them know where you are likely to be found,and when you will return. Make contingency plans in case you aredelayed and/or they must leave Kid Village, so you know where yourchild will be and who they will be left with.
  4. Older children need to know how to find their"home camp" and parents. They also should be shown safe areas (KidVillage, Info Centers, kitchens,) to go to if they are in trouble,lost, or hurt. They should know how to describe you and your camparea verbally. For younger children who cannot talk well and mightwander off, use tags -- pin a piece of paper to their backs (sothey can't pull it off) with their name, your name, and directionsto your camp. Use safety pins or tape.
  5. If your child gets separated from you orlost, please don't wait long to act. If after a search for yourchild in the immediate area they are still lost, immediately find aperson with a radio and tell them your child is missing and youneed help. This needs to happen quickly so we can do the best job,especially if it is close to nightfall. Better safe thansorry.
03 Kid's Parade
Kid's Parade
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We are all responsible for our children. Ifyou notice anything that looks or feels "not quite right" or achild that looks distressed or frightened, please don't look theother way. It's better to check it out than to let a tragedyoccur.

As parents, please keep in mind that ifsomeone cares enough to interfere and asks questions about yourchild or your parenting that it is coming from the heart and ismeant in the interest of all our children's best welfare.

Please try to be understanding.

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