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rainbow turtle guide (what to bring to a gathering)

Turtle Guide
(Or What Should I Bring To aGathering?)

Bring every goodthing. If it aint on this list, consider leaving it home. If indoubt, leave it out. Cuz if you bring it in, you gotta bring itout. And well, dang! You just might be suprised how little youreally need. Bring love and hugs and good vibes, and mostimportantly, bring you.

If you are still wonderingwhat to bring, well, that depends on how much you wish toparticipate. So, we have broken this list into personal stuff, anessential list and a good ideas list, as well as stuff for thewhole family -- things that will be of help to the greatergood.

Personal Stuff(Essentials)

Of course, we all live atdifferent comfort levels but these are things most folks will useor at least wish that they had thought of before they left. Thislist has no luxury about it -- just the basics.

backpack cup hat
tent / shelter materials bowl insect repellant
sleeping bag spoon towel
ground pad tooth brush & paste hair ties
plastic bags floss long pants
daypack / purse Toilet paper in plastic shorts
flashlight & batteries birth control shirts
lighter moisturizer coat / sweaters
pocketknife lip balm skirt
first aid kit bio-soap socks
water container personal meds rain gear
sun block tampons / pads thermals

Personal Stuff (GoodIdeas)

Perhaps, youre not a just thebasics kind of hippy; you know that sometimes the little bits ofgoodness that take an extra effort to pack or those that are oftenforgotten are the ones really make the difference.

water filter journal playing cards
solar shower reading material Frisbee
hammock / sky chair work gloves nail clippers
acoustic instruments incense holder shaving kit
folding camp chair candles hair brush
pillow travel clock pen & paper

camera (ask first)

clothes for leaving hackysack

I Really Want to Donate to Help theGathering


see Food large knives cooking grate
see Sanitation large tongs bungee cords
see Tools large spoons cutting boards
large pots / wok large ladles large tarps
large bowls supply tent rope
large spatulas labeled water containers lanterns


Biodegradable soap for handsand dishes. Plastic Jugs with nozzles or spray bottles for handwash.

lime garbage bags scrubbies
toilet paper for shitters vinegar tubs for dishwash
coffee cans with lids bleach  

Magic Hat

Bring green energy to donateif possible. Donations pay for food, shuttles, clean-up, scoutingand other needs. The Magic Hat is found at Main Circle duringevening meals and travels with beautiful minstrels throughout theday.

Food (buy inbulk)

If you bring perishable foodsbe sure that they get used.

Rice Beans Grains
Vegetables Pastas Spices


For a complete list visit

see Sanitation antiseptics flashlights
see Tools homeopathics batteries
wound care calamine lotion massage tables
gauze and tape sunscreen blankets
rubber gloves condoms crutches
tweezers tampons & pads stretchers


Think kids and fun! Feel freeto bring materials that lead to playfulness and creativity. Do youjuggle, act, clown around, sing, or play music? Come on around.Please, dont leave your children with folks you dont know andtrust!

see Sanitation Art and craft supplies
see Kitchen cloth diapers


Mark tools for easy identification. Pleasedont bring chainsaws.

Shovels Hatchets Axes
Bow saws Rakes Mauls
Blow-tubes Pliers post-hole digger


Bring garbage bags, pick uptrash, and haul it far away from the gathering site. Leave onlyfootprints, take only memories, and trash!

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