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Gathering consciousness

Please protect this Beautiful Land

Walk softly. Harm no living thing. Harmonize - Blend in. Use onlydown, dead wood. Do not cut living trees. Preserve the Meadows . .. camp in the Woods. And remember, We are caretakers of thisland.

Everyone sharing makes a strong Human Tribe!

Please Protect the Water Sources by staying out of DELICATE springareas. Avoid camping, peeing or washing above spring areas. KeepALL soap out of streams, springs or the creek! Use a bucket to takeyour bath 300 feet away from the water source. To be certaindrinking water is safe: boil it for ten minutes at a rollingboil!

Use the slit trenches or covered latrines - cover your paper &waste with ashes or lime, wash hands afterwards. Break thefly/illness connection: shit-fly-food-you! Dig no shitters nearwater areas or kitchens.

Protect our Health!

Use your own cup, bowl & spoon! Wash them after eating andrinse in bleach-water. Go to C.A.L.M. if you feel ill - especiallyif you have a contagious disease - or are injured.

Camp Together Establish neighborhoods. Community Fires only! Keepa 5 gallon bucket of water and shovel nearby for Fire Protection.If you are the last to leave a fire PUT IT OUT! Please, NOfireworks! Keep you camp secure. Tempt Not Lest Ye Be LiftedFrom.

Pets are discouraged, but if you must bring them, keep them fed, ona leash and out of the kitchens, springs & fights. Clean uptheir poop. Love them.


Cleanup begins when you arrive. Please bring only what isnecessary. There is no janitor here . . . YOU are the cleanup crew.Separate Garbage for recycling. Please DONT LITTER - Find acollection point. Compost in pits only.

You are the Gathering!

Participate and Volunteer! Participate in Shanti Sena (the peacekeepers council), work crews, workshops, councils and allactivities. Volunteer wherever and whenever needed: kitchens,welcome home, firewatch, parking lot, shitter digging, supply,front gate, etc. R-E-S-P-E-C-T your Sisters & Brothersenergies.

Keep the Balance: Earth, Sky, Trees, Water & People!

Alcohol is Discouraged, Guns are Inappropriate, Violence iscontrary to the Spirit. Please do not take pictures or videos ofpeople without asking their permission first. Discourage DrugAbuse.

Buying and selling endangers our right to be here. The Magic Hat isour Bank, please donate early to fund our needs. The Magic Hat goesaround at Dinner Circle and with the Magic Hat Band.

Our power together is many times our power separated.

Enjoy the Rainbow with an open heart and you Will see theVision.

Join us on July 4th for a Silent Contemplation & Prayer forPeace, respect those maintaining silence from dawn.

Hold the silence until the arrival of the Childrens Parade.
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