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The Ways I Plan to Love My Locks

Rheana Hayes
03/23/14 01:47:48AM

Some energy experiments for my first natural hair evolution.

Reiki and visualization, hands on crown, every night before bed and in the morning.

Reiki/Pranic Healing cleansing of the hands before I touch my hair.

Asking my hair for good dreams. (I am a very very vivid dreamer, I remember my dreams almost every night, I receive information from spirit in dreams, and I have nightmares/bad dreams often.)

Using no metal in my hair as it can hold negative energies.

Using healing crystal adornments in my locks.

Sage smudging my hair at least weekly.

Energy cleansing baths with sea salt and lavender specifically, but other essential oils I resonate with.

Washing with Dr. Bronners, as I believe that the spiritual message on the bottle imprints on the soap itself and in fact is "Magic Soap."

Talking to my hair positively, chanting, singing, praying, etc.

Meditating on the sensation of having my hair, trying to "feel" the hair as an extension of myself.

Never looking down or away if someone is giving my hair the evil eye.. stand up for it as though it were my best friend.

Asking spiritual helpers, guides, masters, light beings, source energy to pour power and healing into my hair and allow it's growth to nurture and evolve my own spirit.

Admiring myself in the mirror, reinforcing the knowledge that I am beautiful naturally.

Thinking of my hair as it's own entity that is free, which means forgetting that I care about having dreadlocks. I plan on seperating gently in the bath to prevent having congos that will result in weight issues, pain, etc., but I think that's very important to the "journey," that I throw out the idea of my hair being this thing I should control that should do what I want it to. Life just isn't like that, and neither is my natural hair.

I'm going to be posting a daily timeline so I can see the progress, and definitely update on how the rituals are helping not only grow my dreads but evolve my spirit and take me down my path. Send me love and light, healing and encouragement, and you as well will receive in abundance!

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