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☮ soaring eagle ॐ

special group rules

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/27/11 12:10:18AM

The supporters group is for advertisers and businesses so we expect you to act in a professional manner.

All group members have admin rights so you can create edit and update your full page ads, this does not mean you can edit or delete other group members ads. If you edit delete or alter any ads not created by you in any way your account will be suspended without refund, and the remainder of your fees will be credited to the ad owners your actions affected.

you can create unlimited numbers of pages for different keywords or products however you may not use any auto page generation scripts that create multiple identical pages, or that "flood" the activity stream with new page added notices.

Likewise you may use the groups forum and comment features to announce new specials answer questions and conduct b2b networking as long as its not excessive and can be considered flooding the activity stream.

If your group membership is not kept active your ads will remain live for no more then 30 days. We are aware letting membership lapse maybe an oversight so we offer a 30 day grace period after wich your pages will be deleted or marked private and only visible to group members.

We request if you intentionally decide to terminate your membership, you delete all your ads you created before the end date of your membership

thak you.

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