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Dealing With Negativity: My Journey Towards Bliss

jessica acosta
04/26/11 07:59:25PM

When it comes to dealing with negativity, you can come across one of many things: people, sources, habits, places, even your own thoughts. Im sure theres more, but, quite frankly, thats all I could think of ;). When one is on your road to finding bliss, all you need to do is avoid negativity. Some steps along the way might be difficult, while other can be easy peezy.

In my case, I had to pretty much clean house. I had a handful of friends whom I considered relatively close, some more than others. I also seemed to have gained all of these friends at one time. I am a pretty shy person so before I met these new people, I only had one or two close friends and a handful of acquaintances (mostly work friends) that I didnt know too well but enjoyed their company. So, gaining all these new friends I made in such a short period of time and who I was seeing on a regular basis was exciting for me. It also turned out that these people knew almost everyone our age who was seen as cool or scene kids (man, I sound old right now), therefore, sending me on a short journey of getting to know their world.

It seemed at first that they were their own entire person with different:




morals, etc.

I fell in love with each of them in different ways. Long story short, though it took me a year to figure it out, almost all of them were the same. With the exception of one or two of them whom I still hold near and dear to my heart <3, they were all



people, full of

vengeance and


It was all about gossip and back stabbing. It was like high school all over again, but at first, I went along with it. I tried to fit in with them, but deep down I knew I was better than that. But my inner censor was holding me back.

I believe that if you look for and recognize certain signs in your life the universe will lead you in the direction you were meant to go, like fate (by universe I dont mean God. I mean the natural force consisting of nature and everything that is). And sometimes, you need to be put in certain situations to find out who you truly are, and the universe will slowly guide you towards your destination, which is the reasoning you were put on this planet. But for most of us, we dont know our fate until we have lived it. We may have an idea of what our purpose is, but well never know for sure until we have TRULY lived. In the case of my journey:

The universe has gracefully shown me who you really are. There will be no lashing out, no name-calling, and definitely no resentment. Just a peaceful goodbye. -Me

Im rambling now- back to dealing with negativity.

Step one: rid negative people and influences from your life. Its not as hard as it sounds. I did it in a span of a week, and Im anti-confrontation! Once you rid negative people from your life, in time, the rest should follow with or without you making it happen.

I think the hardest step is getting rid of negative thoughts, because, lets face it; we all have instinct reactions to certain people, places, etc. Its difficult to see or hear that someone is spreading nasty rumors or taking advantage of other people without having negative thoughts towards them. Its all a process, though.

I was giving someone advice the other night and they asked me, when did you figure life out? I responded with when I stopped trying to figure it out. --Not that Im saying I have figured out THE ultimate question in life. I dont think anyone will ever figure it out. You only get one run on this planet (unless you believe in reincarnation. It sounds like a good theory to me, but like most things we are unsure of, its very debatable). RAMBLING AGAIN! Sorry!

All you have to do is think positive and just ENJOY LIFE!

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