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Looking for trade!

Stephanie Krespach
01/21/11 12:09:12PM

I am looking for beads and or peyote sleeves and some Jewelry. I need some things to decorate my babies and my body.

To offer in return I have hand-spun wool yarn of all kinds and varieties (as well as plant fibers and custom blends..i'll even do custom colors). I can knit or crochet just about anything. I also write my own patterns in both custom pieces are absolutely welcome.

I also do soaps, lotion bars, and other fun stuff as well. Soaps take at least 6 weeks but would be willing to throw in some soap to sweeten the deal if the offer was good enough. Will take multiple trades as well. I love to barter.

as far as what I'M looking for in my things - I love color, and I lovesurprises. I'd rather decorate my dreads with things I get from others so they have meaning.

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