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☮ soaring eagle ॐ

fastest growing group in the dreadlocks community

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/20/10 12:27:36AM
i think its amazing the fastest growing group in the dreadlocks community is the former dreadheadhq and knottyboy customers who now warn against dread products and dread wax proves 1 thing they are only able to stay in business by misinforming the misinformed or totaly clueless.its a 1 shot deal pull the wool over their eyes long enough to make a profit then alienate the customers foreverthey somehow manage to stay in business despite the gathering crowds outside theyre door walking a picket lineit just proves that no matter how harmful a product or service , no matter how much the general population protests against it mass media marketting will always get a few to cross that line ignore the protestors and buy into the lies.there are absolutely way more people warning against the use of products then ever before but there are also more newbies dreading then ever before each 1 falling for wax and each 1 recommending the same to everone they seebut in the end where will they all be?right here in this group.. ex customers warning against making the mistakes they are now recomending others should im afraid the ex customers group will keep on growing and growing at an alarming rate
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