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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


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Hurricane Patricia Exposes Trump Supporters Racist Agenda

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2015-10-24

 While hurricane Patricia was making landfall in Mexico, supporters of Donald Trump showed their true colors and reasons for supporting Trump who often makes racist and sexist comments.

YouTube had several live feeds of the hurricane Patricia making landfall with people dying on live cam. There was a live chat that was clearly divided along political lines. Although there were people from every nation, including many from Mexico scared for their lives, trump supporters took it upon themselves to drown everybody out with some of the most horrific remarks I have ever seen.

These are just a few of the remarks that I can remember, but there were thousands and they were flying by very fast.

"Donald Trump's fulfilling his promise to wipe out all Mexicans"
"thank God for Donald Trump. I hope there's less than 1000 of those dirty wet backs left when this is all over."
"I can't wait to see some dirty wet backs flying through the air."
"I'm glad Donald Trump's getting his way and will soon be rid of all of those Mexicans and when that's done we can start wiping out the N-word's too. Starting with that N-word. Obama"

There were heartfelt concerns and prayers going out from all over the world to the poor people in Mexico were already struggling and are now facing the largest storm ever. But for every person that tried to express concern, they were drowned out by dozens of trump supporters shouting racist hate, and making it clear that they wanted nothing less than total genocide.

It was the most horrific thing I had seen. I posted about it on Facebook and everybody who replied had seen the same thing from supporters taking over every chat about the tragedy in Mexico and turning it into a racist genocidal hate-fest. All fueled by Donald Trump's blatant hatred of Mexicans.

How can anybody support a candidate's whose supporters are happy to see people die?

One by one each of the lied feeds had to be taken down because of the racism. The trump supporters got their way. Nobody was able to give their heartfelt condolences to those who were suffering and in harm's way.

This year's race, it is clear that one party is taking the high road and talking about the issues and the other party is simply trying to be a bully.

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My dreadlocks 25 years growing natural dreads

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2015-06-26
My dreadlocks 25 years growing natural dreads

In about a week my dreadlocks will be 25 years old, they started growing naturally at the Vermont rainbow gathering.

 What my dreads have taught me.

Growing dreads naturally has taught me a lot of patience. It has taught me to just let things happen instead of trying to force them. It is taught me that those who will hate you just the way you look don't matter. His taught me that people's worth is deeper than just appearance as taught me that many people are very superficial and vain.

The history of my dreadlocks.

My dreadlocks began at the rainbow gathering in Vermont when I traded for some beads and stuck them in my hair, I also added a few hair wraps. This began the dread within a week, maybe week and a half.

The rest of my hair was shorter so took a little longer to dread. It may have been a couple months before the rest of started to dread.

I've never done anything to my hair except for wash it and separate the dreads that were forming too thick or combining. After 18 years, however, I stop separating completely for 4 or 5 years. Only in the last year or 2 and I began to separate occasionally only those that are already pretty thick. Because of this many dreads have formed Congo's, with as many as 6 dreads combining into one thick one. I did not however let them get very thick.

I have never palm rolled, crocheted, used wax or any dreadlocks products other than shampoo, never back combed did any root maintenance or anything else.

Since about 18 years and they started to drag on the ground. My dreadlocks are now about 8 feet long.

My dreadlocks are unique and unlike anybody else's. Growing dreadlocks naturally means they form organically. This makes every dread unique from every other dread. This makes no to dreads alike.

My dreadlocks began at the Vermont rainbow gathering which is a spiritual gathering deep in the wilderness. During that week had spent much time in a silent meditation tepee surrounded by 300 oh to 1000 pound crystals. Growing dreadlocks in this type of environment is a very spiritual experience.

I'm including a couple of older pictures, and will update with new pictures, probably around the Fourth of July weekend which is approximately when my dreads began to form 25 years ago.

This is my dreadlocks at the Wyoming gathering when they were 18 years old.

This is my dreads about last year at 24 years old.


Ok here are my dreadlocks now at 25 years, the longest is i guess about 10 feet

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Members from Russia and Ukraine lets talk about this war threat. War isn't personal, its political, so lets discuss this on a personal level, from your perspective.

I don't want to talk about world opinions, but your thoughts, fears, and insights.

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damn this weather (probly be without power again)

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2014-02-12

this winters sicked

last week we had an ice storm that caused us to npt have power for 4 or 5 days heat except 1 lil propane heater for a big house

2 days after getting power back the heater system died wich wasnt as bad as no power cause we had 3 or 4 electric heaters so can heat more then 1 lil room.. except they keep blowing the circuite breaker

but now

starting now were getting 10-14 more inches of snow (ontop of the 4 that hasnt melted yet) and...lots more ice

last week 450,000 in this area lost power

thus storms already knocked out power to that many down south and will be many times stronger when it hits us (wich is now)

so i totaly expect to be without power..and heat for a week

i made naturaldreads01 a temp admin so let him know if u see any issues

im gonna curl up under 5 or 6 blankets in case the power goes out b4 morn

send me warm vibes

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this contains real images of the devastating effects of a new drug hitting the streets


its being called a cheap but powerful heroin like drug..with devastating effects.

theres only been a few reported cases in U.S.A. so far but Europe is seeing a increase in it's availability on the streets despite the horrendous effects.

it is also now showing up in pills as well.

unsuspecting addicts are taking this powerful and dangerous drug without knowing it.

often the 1st signs of trouble don't appear untill its already been used a few times.

so whats so dangerous? isn't heroin bad enough how much worse can this be?

the high is more powerful then heroin supposedly, but thats not what causes the danger.

the danger is that it has a flesh eatting property that causes rapid deterioration of skin and muscle tissue.

i would recommend reading no further unless you can handle extremely gruesome images

these images are real..and really shocking..

i am posting this as awake up call to anyone who messes with powders..or even pills

your high is not worth it.. you will never know if this was added to what you have taken.

this could happen to you

im sorry for this

i know its horrifying im feeling sick posting it but if it helps shock people into awareness and get them clean before it affects them its worth it

many of t6hese images are out of russia where the drug began

but it has spread quickly despite strong efforts to keep it contained.

marijuana users believe in legalization of marijuana, a few may also believe all drugs should be legal. but if drug manufacturers are willing to do this to thousands of people just to increase profit margins, isn't some drug enforcement necessary?

krokodil is desomorphine

because it is easily synthesized from commonly available ingredients addicts have learned to make it themselves at home.

the high is short lived compared to heroin with withdraw symptoms starting almost immediately.

because of how quickly and easily it can be manufactured, and the short term high and quick withdraw users would make a batch and use it right away without further purification resulting in devastating gangrene often requiring amputation.

Of the few reported cases in U.S.A. several reported learning how to make it themselves online, but most thought they had bought legitimate heroin.

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fun with dyslexia

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2013-05-20

i have so many recordinfgs from rainbow gatherings im always finding ones i never heard besfore

just now came across this gem

fun with dyslexia

the three pittle ligs


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By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2013-04-22

so cnn today said the guy who bombed the boston mrathons being charged with using a wmd.. wmd? really?

in lincolns day he wrote about wmds and wmd poliferation i think it mught have been in the gettysburg address? reffering to cannons and from thier perspective sure that maybe mass destruction when it took out a wall or a few soldiers on horseback

but today we use weapons like the daisy cutter a "conventional bomb" that sucks all the aitr out of a 5 mile radius eliminating all life even germs in a 5 mile radius..and thats not called a wmd

missiles and bombs that take out entire buildings or whole city blocks arent wmds..

inj iraq the 'shock and awe" campain blew through billions of dollars of high explosives reducing buildings to a fine powder

all this high explosive power is concidered conventional weapons and acceptable only nukes and bio weapons capable of killing hundreds of thousands to millions at a time are called wmds today

so yes the boston marathon bomber was horible yes what he did was unthinkable

by]ut wmd?

it was essentialy a pipe bomb the type used most commonly to blow up mail boxes by prankster kids

a souper up pipe bomb but still a small low yeild low destruction bomb if there wasnt a big crowd it wouldnt hurrt more then a couple people

uf set off in ypir living room youd be fine in yoir bedroom

there was nothing "mass destruction" about it

land mines ..wich some countries still have hundreds of thousands of them.. that kids collect and sell for scrap metal risking blowing off limbs.. these land mines are as poweerful.. most hand grenages are close

when police enter a hostage situation they use percussion grenades with nearly as much power ()but no scrapnel)

so what next you drop an m 80 in a tiolet and someone sits down and injures their ass u get charged with a wmd just cause someone got hurt?

wmd must have a specific definition a level of sdestruction if we expect only our gov to nbe able to posess such power

dynamyte used to take down buildings build roads through mountains and mone for mineralds are wmds by this definition

your car..the gas in the tank.. could go kaboom with more power so is there 100 million wmds wizzing by on the highway every day?

lets get real

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the principles of freedom

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2013-02-26

Tthe principles of freedom by terence macswiney .. my great uncle

this is a copy of an ebook i included the link to the ebook at the bottom as well as a wikopedia entry about terence macswiney

terence gave his life for freedom and inspired ghandi and the entire freedom movement

here is the forward and table of contents'






Publisher's Logo






It was my intention to publish these articles in book form as soon as possible. I had them typed for the purpose. I had no time for revision save to insert in the typed copy words or lines omitted from the original printed matter. I also made an occasional verbal alteration in the original. One article, however, that on "Intellectual Freedom," though written in the series in the place in which it now stands, was not printed with them. It is now published for the first time.


I wish to make a note on the article under this heading to avoid a possible misconception amongst people outside Ireland. In Ireland there is no religious dissension, but there is religious insincerity. English politicians, to serve the end of dividing Ireland, have worked on the religious feelings of the North, suggesting the danger of Catholic ascendancy. There is not now, and there never was, any such danger, but our enemies, by raising the cry, sowed discord in the North, with the aim of destroying Irish unity. It should be borne in mind that when the Republican Standard was first raised in the field in Ireland, in the Rising of 1798, Catholics and Protestants in the North were united in the cause. Belfast was the first home of Republicanism in Ireland. This is the truth of the matter. The present-day cleavage is an unnatural thing created by Ireland's enemies to hold her in subjection and will disappear entirely with political Freedom.

It has had, however, in our day, one unhappy effect, only for a time fortunately, and this is disappearing. I refer to the rise of Hibernianism. The English ruling faction having, for their own political designs, corrupted the Orangemen with power and flattery, enabled them to establish an ascendancy not only over Ulster, but indirectly by their vote over the South. This becoming intolerable, some sincere but misguided Catholics in the North joined the organisation known as THE ANCIENT ORDER OF HIBERNIANS. This was, in effect, a sort of Catholic Freemasonry to counter the Orange Freemasonry, but like Orangeism, it was a political and not a religious weapon.

Further, as a political weapon, it extended all through Ireland during the last years of the Irish Parliamentary Movement. In Cork, for example, it completely controlled the city life for some years, but the rapid rise of the Republican Movement brought about the equally rapid fall of Hibernianism. At the present moment it has as little influence in the public life of Cork as Sir Edward Carson himself. The great bulk of its one-time members have joined the Republican Movement. This demonstrates clearly that anything in the nature of a sectarian movement is essentially repugnant to the Irish people. As I have pointed out, the Hibernian Order, when created, became at once a political weapon, but Ireland has discarded that, and other such weapons, for those with which she is carving out the destinies of the Republic. For a time, however, Hibernianism created an unnatural atmosphere of sectarian rivalry in Ireland. That has now happily passed away. At the time, however, of the writing of the article on Religion it was at its height, and this fact coloured the writing of the article. On re-reading it and considering the publication of the present work I was inclined to suppress it, but decided that it ought to be included because it bears directly on the evil of materialism in religious bodies, which is a matter of grave concern to every religious community in the world.

T. MacS.



original ebook

wixopedia entry

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