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My hair WONT DREAD. Its been a year.

By: skoot-smooth
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Its been a year since I started my dreads and I started out with comb coils. My hair isAf American (black) but mixed. What i mean is my hair is a natural afro but softer than the average.My hair wasnt sectioned, just grabbed hair then twisted it. I have interlocked like twice before and now I have splits (i dont think the person I go to knows what theyre doing.) I wanted my dreads to be pretty small on purpose but not too small. I dont really do much to my hair except for a retwist everymonth and a half.Ive seen progress but not that much and after a year I would expect more. My dreads are still soft except for a couple (2-3). Any advice would be great.

Tara C
09/09/11 02:30:36PM @tara-c:

If you used wax at all, my money's on the wax. I used it once and the one at the back that had the most in was way more behind than the rest. Only after I made sure it was completely out did it start making progress like the rest. Basically, just leave it alone and do nothing except wash it with the baking soda stuff that they suggest on here, or with non-residue shampoo. I know it sounds crazy that not doing any maintenence will help, but it really does

Panterra Caraway
09/09/11 01:25:54PM @panterra-caraway:

Absolutely! That wax will mess you up every time brother. :(

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/06/11 02:00:02AM @soaring-eagle:

dread freinfdly sosap or the baking soda and sctrub the scalp good ifnoring the hair rinse it thru the hair

09/06/11 01:57:21AM @skoot-smooth:

if i do this then how do i go about washing them?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/06/11 01:21:42AM @soaring-eagle:

no interlocking no retwisting ,..the provblem is u used wax and u went to somebody fire them remove alo traces of wax then leave em alone do nothing at all

dreads need to be left alone..neglected as they say but the wax is preventing dreading u must remove all traces of wax

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