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My hair WONT DREAD. Its been a year.

By skoot-smooth, 2011-09-06

Its been a year since I started my dreads and I started out with comb coils. My hair isAf American (black) but mixed. What i mean is my hair is a natural afro but softer than the average.My hair wasnt sectioned, just grabbed hair then twisted it. I have interlocked like twice before and now I have splits (i dont think the person I go to knows what theyre doing.) I wanted my dreads to be pretty small on purpose but not too small. I dont really do much to my hair except for a retwist everymonth and a half.Ive seen progress but not that much and after a year I would expect more. My dreads are still soft except for a couple (2-3). Any advice would be great.

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