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Sissy MacK


Location: Miles City, MT
Zipcode: 59301
Country: US


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Slow Progress and a Bit of Expermentation: Roughly 1.5 Months

By: Sissy MacK
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Some days it seems like this journey is going nowhere fast, but looking back at a few earlier photos says otherwise. My hair is getting quite wild now and seems to be forming loose clumps. Just before Christmas, I did put in a few TNR dreads just to prove to my husband that it was indeed possible for my hair to dread. I tied them off with wool yarn and quite like them.It alsoappears that I am getting better at the mystical art of taking selfies!

**Before anybody freaks out and tells me what wool will do in my hair...I know. I am a fiber artist and am well aware of the felting properties of wool.**

Sissy MacK
01/11/15 01:24:43PM @sissy-mack:

then I consider myself blessed, soaring eagle.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/07/15 02:50:14PM @soaring-eagle:

month 1/2 is not slow progress at all its not even average

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