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Freak out moment last night

By: Siri Nam Simran Kaur
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I had a little freak out last night at 2 am while I was laying in bed and feeling around in my dready head and felt all of the twisted hairs that have yet to dread and feel and look more like braids then dreads (I used the twist and rip method) I started pulling them all apart and re T&Ring them. I'm feeling better but not quite done. For the most part many of them are dreading well, however I think I may have done more twisting then ripping on a few of them. Freak out moment behind me, I woke up at 12 pm since I was exhausted and life is good again.

Siri Nam Simran Kaur
05/01/13 10:40:02PM @siri-nam-simran-kaur:

I think I needed a few more RRR's like you suggested. Yup, I first dreaded when I was 12, but as you might be aware of 12 year old's aren't the best a commitment, so now I'm older and have kids and have mastered commitment and am learning to develop meaningful relationships and dreading has been a wonderful tool at doing so.

the Barrellady
05/01/13 10:36:10PM @the-barrellady:

That's good, I just hate to hear when some members end up damaging from retwisting, you certainly know what you are doing. I love your analogy of it being like a relationship! Peace

Siri Nam Simran Kaur
05/01/13 10:23:28PM @siri-nam-simran-kaur:

The majority of my head I left alone as they've formed beautifully :-)

Siri Nam Simran Kaur
05/01/13 10:21:47PM @siri-nam-simran-kaur:

Thanks for the input Diego

Siri Nam Simran Kaur
05/01/13 10:21:19PM @siri-nam-simran-kaur:

Barrellady, I've only re-T&R a few, the rest have progressed well. I don't mind starting over on a few or my whole head, because I'm not in some kind of a race. Its a process and much like a relationship wouldn't be half as meaningful without the rough spots. FYI I've dreaded before so I've got the progression down.

Diego F.
05/01/13 09:15:45PM @diego-f:

there os a way to do the perfect twist and rip... i have done it on myself in December... On my fringe i had only one tnr dread, and it never fell off or looked like a braid... i undone it manually because all of my head was neglect, and it looked weird to have one tnr dread...

i have done it again but on a friend that wanted dreadlocks fast. It never fell off, and it is progressing very well, when i twisted and rip his NATURAL SECTIONS [1 week without combing the hair to form natural sections] i just hold the section near the scalp and twisted and ripped from there.... [never twist and rip using the tips, you should hold near the section that you are twisting and ripping [beginning near the scalp, and you will end holding the tip], it will tangle the hair near the tip and you will have to detangle the tip to continue doing this way until it reaches the tip... it got a little tight, but not too tight, and it holds perfectly even on straight hair.

the Barrellady
05/01/13 05:05:38PM @the-barrellady:

If you have any more freak out moments. sit tight and just let them pass

the Barrellady
05/01/13 05:04:27PM @the-barrellady:

The best way to do T&R is to twist, rip rip rip rip rip, twist rip rip rip rip. etc. That way you do not get a braided look. You have now started back to square one. Those are the blueprints to your dreads, they will need to loosen, some even fall out (don't tighen or retwist when they do), and then they will start to loop, zig zag and shrink to become a mature dread.

You will do damage to your hair every time you take them out and retwist. They will take a year or more to become mature dreads, so be patient...

Since you don't like the T&R look, maybe you should have just let them grow natural?

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