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Siri Nam Simran Kaur


Location: Valley Village, CA
Zipcode: 91607
Country: US


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I'm so proud of my hair

By Siri Nam Simran Kaur, 2013-05-06

I'm so proud of my dread's, I was looking around on the T&R timelines and realized that my dreads are looking great. At a month I have no unraveling, few loose hairs, some have a noticeably twisty look, but most are dreading and round. This is my first time using the T&R method and I'm glad I did. Aside from T&R all I've done is swim a lot, wash a few times a week, throw some rosemary oil on it and sleep in from time to time. Keep it up little locks. Pictures will follow soon.

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Freak out moment last night

By Siri Nam Simran Kaur, 2013-05-01

I had a little freak out last night at 2 am while I was laying in bed and feeling around in my dready head and felt all of the twisted hairs that have yet to dread and feel and look more like braids then dreads (I used the twist and rip method) I started pulling them all apart and re T&Ring them. I'm feeling better but not quite done. For the most part many of them are dreading well, however I think I may have done more twisting then ripping on a few of them. Freak out moment behind me, I woke up at 12 pm since I was exhausted and life is good again.

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Is a womans sexual appeal/value really in her hair?

By Siri Nam Simran Kaur, 2013-04-30

Its been long accepted that women with long flowing, soft hair are considered more feminine, attractive and socially desirable. In every country I've been to this is the accepted view. A woman's value in all societies is based on her sexuality/attractiveness. On the whole dreads are not seen as attractive (unless of course your asking someone who has dreads.) So knowing this I decided to dread my hair to dissuade undesirable males who are quick to ask me out without knowing a thing about me. I thought dreading would act as a filter and for the most part its working. Living in L.A. were everyone is an actor or model its easy to feel a little out of place and undesirable, now that my hair has changed my value in this patriarchal society is now made lesser and its apparent. Has anyone else experienced it this way? How do women feel they are perceived with dreads as opposed to before the dreads? Is anyone having different (better or worse) dating experiences?

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