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Sierra O-H


Location: Franklin, TN
Zipcode: 37069
Country: US


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Root help, por favor!

By Sierra O-H, 2013-06-30

I'm oh so baby fresh as a member, but I've been brought back to this site every time I've had any inquiry when it comes to my dreads, I figured it was time to join.

So, a question, or rather a plea for suggestions:

As a young dreader (as it goes in both ways), I've tried a lot of different things for locking my smooth hair. 6 months ago a "professional" dreader crocheted mine and left them really nicely locked. I love that they are locked much better now, but as they grow out, I don't want to crochet them anymore because my hair breaks easily under the needle. So, what have you, oh people with soft fine hair at the roots, done to help them lock? I don't want tight roots, but I'm having trouble locking them as they grow out.

Gratitude to you all,


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