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Sharon Rio


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Week 1 T&R

By: Sharon Rio
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Long hair, looked thick before I dreaded it! I took the top half out because I didn't have anyone to help section it off and I'm really short. I now have 24 skinny dreads on just the bottom half. Some really thin and a few pencil size diameter, most in between. End of the first week and I just re-twisted one that wasn't taking but the rest seem ok. There's some loose hairs and it's a bit frizzy but I think it's going to be decent. I've been wearing my top hair up and out if the way at night so it won't get mixed up. Now I need to maneuver this site and figure out how to add pics!
Sharon Rio
05/01/14 10:05:41PM @sharon-rio:
Thanks for the advice!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/01/14 12:57:56PM @soaring-eagle:

on left add photo or photos in menmu then add in posts 2nd button on left above where u type

u shouldnt have retwisted that 1 just leave it be even if it falls out it will dread right back up

if u leave the rest down it will dread itrself naturally

u dont need to section it sections itself in the 1st week or 2

sometimes in days

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